How Do You Show The Impact You're Making?

Posted by THINK NATIVE on Jan 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Perhaps the most important factor in growing your nonprofit is having the ability to show how your organization is impacting the world. And lucky for you, that happens to be exactly what we major in over here at THINKNATIVE

Root Cause conducted a study with potential nonprofit donors and discovered a few findings worth mentioning. Studies proved that roughly 75% of nonprofit donors first need information about the organization’s actual impact, 68% focusing on overhead costs, and 63% most wanted to know the social issue the organization addresses. 75% comprises a whole lot of your donor base, so honing in on proof of impact is certainly worth your time. People who get involved with your cause aren’t just wanting to feel good about giving their dollars. They want to know just how their contribution is truly making a difference. 

Take for instance. When donors commit a $5 donation, they know exactly what those five dollars are going for -- growing classroom libraries. They’ll receive a thank-you note along with photographs of students reading books specifically bought because of their donations. The organization left no space for guessing or wondering where funds were being allocated.

Let that be your example as the people who come to your door wish to see the impact their donations are having on the world around them. Offer transparency and set up accountability that will be sure to secure long-term relationships.

Whatever the reason is that you exist in this world, whatever cause you’re most seeking to champion, we hope to help you. When it comes to increasing your impact, it’s important to take the time and energy to clearly communicate your mission to the world. And there’s no greater resource than the very people who already stand behind you, today! With the humanized technology we’ve developed, we can come alongside you, offering you the tools and resources needed to get your message out.

Let prospective donors hear directly from your brand champions. There’s no greater motivator than someone’s lived experience. Give your champions a chance to speak up and share how your company has impacted their world! Try a free demo of our humanizing technology today!

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