Is Your Mission A Movement?

Posted by THINK NATIVE on Feb 6, 2020 10:00:00 AM

When looking to grow your nonprofit, it’s imperative to keep the mission, the heartbeat, the life, blood, and soul of your organization, at the forefront of everything. It’s critical. We understand the difficulties that come along with creating a long-term, sustainable nonprofit. The beginning stages can feel slim and grim, but we know that growth is attainable and momentum is possible. While we will never claim to know exactly the troubles you see, we want to help you on your journey and turn you mission into a movement.

Keep focus & keep the main thing, the main thing.

In order to thrive, your objective must be clear and concise. Get everything transferred from your head and written out on paper. Frame it and hang it on your office wall. Don’t let anyone forget it. 

With any new objective your nonprofit takes on, whether it’s a new service or new branch you focus your efforts on, you need to be sure to ask yourself, every single time, “Is this in line with our mission?”  If it doesn’t help you accomplish your end goal, it needs to go. Don’t take shortcuts if it only means short term relief. You want to see that small plant bloom into the fully grown tree it wants to become.

Taking the time to sit and think through your highest priority is always time well invested. What pain or problem are you looking to alleviate? 

“Especially when we were a young organization, we had a number of offers to expand our platform or take on projects that weren’t closely aligned with our mission,” said Katie Bisbee, chief marketing officer for, a New York nonprofit that helps public school teachers crowdfund for supplies and services they need. “Today, we still get calls every week or so to bring to other countries. But, Bisbee says, we ‘keep to our knitting.’ We know we’re really good at connecting U.S. teachers and students with the resources they need most, but we can still do more and do it better, so we stay focused on our mission.”

Once you’ve got your mission down, you now have the ability to turn it into a movement. 

Think Native wants to give your mission legs to run. Easily gain momentum by giving your audience, the people who are sold out to what you are doing, a voice. Let them speak to the good you’re doing in the world. Let them share their stories and experiences. Together, you can create a movement. 

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