UGC: The New Word-of-Mouth

Posted by THINK NATIVE on Jan 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM
People have been sharing stories about brands for decades. That shouldn’t be anything new to us. What's evolved over time are the ways word-of-mouth messages travel. With the rise of the Internet, and later, social media, sharing the scuttlebutt at the watercooler now happens in most digital spaces.
Today, these stories are increasingly taking the form of rich, multimedia experiences created by technology-empowered consumers. The maturation of social media and mobile has allowed for a myriad of content types and an overall improvement in the quality of UGC. Digital natives, self-publishers and stewards of their own personal brands, are creating and sharing more content than ever before and it's changing the advertising landscape.
According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations above all forms of advertising.
Crowdtap’s research with Ipsos MediaCT, which focused on Millennials, in particular, found that consumers ages 18 to 36 trust UGC 50% more than they do traditional media. The study also found that UGC is 20% more influential when it comes to purchasing decisions and 35% more memorable than other types of media.
Millennials are driving a new era of content marketing. Within digital, micro-formats are growing and traditional media channels are eroding. Emerging platforms are dominated by personalities and real people — not brands or media companies — and these content creators have some of the most massive followings and more influence than some of the largest brands around.Related image
The beauty of UGC is creating an easy way to authentically engage and interact with your customers in spaces they’re already spending most of their time... online! We’re all well acquainted with inboxes filling up with emails about a sale, new product or service, or an abandoned shopping cart.
With Think Natives Video Capture Tools & Digital Platform, you can switch up the narrative by giving your customers a voice. A platform for them to speak to you, share their stories, and participate in the marketing of the products and services they already use and love.
There are 7.7 billion people in this world, with at least 3.5 billion of them are using some form of social media. Which means, there are over 3 billion little helpers online who able to produce content for you! Do you have a strategy to go after them?
Think Native wants to help you collect and repurpose that invaluable user-generated content.
Let’s explore the possibilities together. Start Here!

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