Why You Should Power Your Peer Support Program with Technology PT.1

Posted by THINK NATIVE on Apr 30, 2020 5:26:26 PM
Every peer support program is developed, implemented, and managed by individuals who use their expertise to craft programs to make a significant difference.
No matter how sincere the care and dedication of the program staff, the manpower it takes to drive these programs cannot be underestimated. Budgets, time, resources, and overhead are all factors that can determine what can actually be achieved... no matter how hopeful the vision. Even so, good work is being done across the globe in a vast array of industries.
With that said, what if there were a way to break free from some of these challenges and limitations? What if there were a simple way to do more? Over the next few weeks, we will look at ways that peer-support programs can benefit from powering their programs with a humanizing technology.
Reduce Administrative Demand
Manual efforts to create and manage the infrastructure peer support programs can be a tedious time-sucker for administrators. Defining policies and procedures, vetting and training, building out a communication plan, and facilitating data management are just a few aspects when it comes to launching or running a program.
With technology, though, there are built-in structures that provide robust support for existing peer programs. Platforms that include coaching for users; the ability to search, browse, and connect users through smart matching algorithms; functionality to book and host live group or one-to-one training sessions; and, the power to collect feedback/reflection can not only ease the administrative stress of basic program coordination but also provide a greater array of resources and options for those in your program.
Technology can streamline the experience of users using the peer support services and the experience of the peer supporters themselves... especially if the platform can support the onboarding process.
Peer programs who leverage technology are empowering administrators to make more progress in the areas that matter to them. By helping to increase users' support services, create meaningful work for them, measure strength and engagement, and improve retention.
The ability to facilitate a peer-led program in a single platform that naturally accumulates valuable data related to these objectives allows administrators to worry less about the logistics and more about improving the efficacy of their programs.
Your existing peer support programs are able to become more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly because of what technology can provide. Curious how we can help? Learn what your program to do when it's powered by Think Native HERE.

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