Why You Should Power Your Peer Support Program with Technology PT.2

Posted by THINK NATIVE on May 21, 2020 2:43:52 PM
It’s 2020 and I think we can all agree that technology has the power to help us go further even faster. Powering existing peer support services with technology means institutions can deepen their impact and expand their reach like never before. Digital platforms that allow for customized, on-demand support are what Generation Z craves. Technology plays a role in enabling a program to be more engaging for its users. With integrated LMS features to track progress and communication tools to maintain a connection, you can build a community that thrives.
Drive More Impact
In the education space, strengthening your existing peer support programs with technology makes it easier for students to get started as peer leaders by allowing them to verify their credentials and discover students who need their help in a single platform. The ability to leverage existing leaders on your campus and connect a qualified network of peer tutors, mentors, advisors, and coaches to students who need support, gives you endless opportunities to make a difference. All of these possibilities can fast-track the impact and level of engagement of your existing peer programs.
Getting outside the box and providing a platform that bridges the gap between student experiential service and career preparation offer a broader level of impact to students. For example, platforms that include career competencies as a design feature are able to show peer supporters how their service develops skills required in the workforce, such as critical thinking, leadership, and communication. This opens up an entirely new dimension for existing peer support programs that can increase the value of what they provide to students.
It’s time that we start leveraging technology to set up the next generation of world changers to succeed. There are people out there who are ready to invest in others, just as much as there are students who need guidance and support. Technology will undoubtedly be the bridge.
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